David Aslanishvili, Doctor of Economy (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor of Tbilisi State University and Associate Professor of Caucasus University.

At the same time, he is the Partner and Chairman of LLC “Georgian Investment Group+ (GIG+)” and Member of The Board of the “Georgian Palace of Business”. Since 1993, he has held various managerial, executive, ownership, leadership, consulting and teaching positions for-profit businesses, governmental bodies and in NGOs. 

Some of the most memorable accomplishments include: 
International Staff exchange program participant – ERASMUS +, University of Tuscia, lectures on Monetary Policy and the role of Central Banks, Viterbo, Italy, November 27 – December 3, 2017
Selected by European Union, European Commission as Non-Key Expert, East Invest II Programme, Eastern Partnership Countries, November 2016;
International Staff exchange program participant – ERASMUS +, University of FH JOANNEUM | University of Applied Sciences- lectures at Monetary Policy of ECB, Graz, Austria, October 2016
January 2016 – nominated by the President of Georgia to be the member of President committee to select the Member of Council of the National Bank of Georgia.  
September 8 and September 24, 2015 – selected by expert society after 5-month evaluation procedures and twice nominated by the President of Georgia to be the member of Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC);
Professor at four Georgian Universities (Tbilisi State University, Caucasus university, International Black Sea University and Saint Andrew Georgian University), lectures/seminars for MBA/BBA students of the following courses: Macro economy, Capital Market, Finance and Banking, Corporate Finance/Financial Management, Advanced courses at Corporate Finance. Published more than 100 different scientific articles – are available upon request;
Ownership and management of the Leading Brokerage Institutions in Georgia, Policy Analyse, consulting, research, publications (via three languages) on Georgian Stock Market, Banking, Currency, Treasury Bills, macro and microeconomic policy. Company has more than 12,000 subscribers from 66 countries, well developed client asset management portfolio. Company deals covers 60% of the whole Georgian Stock Market, totally trades (sell/buy transactions) done on 1.6 billion USD during the past nine years;
Policy analyses activity in the field of Global, Macro and Micro economy, banking, capital market and overall regulations impact on economy (local RIA assessment guides) for the following institutions: Georgian Stock Exchange, National Bank of Georgia, local Ministries and analyses of the global trends. Published more than 3 000 different articles, surveys, and researches (Part of them are available in English at the following address: www.investgroup.ge), including google based high impact factor Scientific Journals.
E-mail: d.aslanishvili@gmail.com