In 1966 Mikheil Guatua entered the Physics Department of the Tbilisi State University. In 1972, he completed the full course of university studies in the field of "Theoretical Physics".

In December 1972 Mr.Gvatua started working at the Institute of Physics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. For 8 years he conducted scientific research in the field of theoretical nuclear physics and activation analysis and was elected chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institution.
In 1980-1991 he worked in the city of Tbilisi in leadership positions, was elected to the city council as a deputy and deputy chairman of the city Council. During these years he has accumulated a lot of experience in managing of urban economy and infrastructure .
After the restoration of Georgia's independence, 1991-1994 he has worked in the field of human rights and interethnic relations, being the deputy head of the information-analytical department of the State Committee for Human Rights  of Georgia. In 1994, he moved to the private sector, on the position of  the first vice-president of the joint-stock company Absolute Bank .
In 2007, he returned to the civil service, began to work as an advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister of Georgia and the chief specialist of the regional department of the Chancelary. From 2009 to the present time he works as the chief specialist of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.