The idea of a project came from the feeling of need for social responsibility towards the community we live in. Considering social crises, which resulted of failed businesses and our willingness to help society somehow, our project took first steps in teaching difficulties, barriers and challenges of starting a business. We hoped this would aid to prevent future generation from failed start-ups and as a result losing the property of theirs and their families’. Not all the students are lucky enough to study at International Black Sea University so, we wanted to touch the minds and lives of as many school students as possible, regardless the choice of university or a profession.

Basics of Business" is Business Faculty project aimed to teach high school students about business. The project in which the students of Business Management are actively involved has been successfully functioning since 2014. More than two hundred high school students have already participated in the project.

Project is being held in Georgian, as well as English languages and there is also a mixed language format provided. Trainings are held in three styles:

Students from public and private schools visit International Black Sea University weekly and attend a four-day training on different topics of business;

Under the elective subject of “Entrepreneurship” for high schools, our trainers visit a specific school and hold the course of training locally;

Representatives of business faculty and the trainers visit the regions of Georgia monthly and they hold weekend trainings for the school students.

Project Participants receive certificates. Project is selecting students for training of trainers program. Upon the successful completion of the project the students will receive certificates as a proof of trainer qualification.

The best way as a faculty to fulfill our social responsibility would have been to involve existing students of International Black Sea University in the project as this would guarantee that future generation would have felt the responsibility and the beauty of serving own community. We truly believe that our students will continue doing so along in different workplaces at different stages of their career and life.