Who we are

The Faculty of Business Management (BM) was the first Faculty of the International Black Sea University, established in 1995. Since its inception, BM Faculty has been one of the largest faculties offering programs which are highly demanded on a local as well as global market. Our graduates have all necessary skills and knowledge which makes them competitive and favorable for employers.

During the study process, special attention is paid to developing skills of analytical thinking and optimal decision-making. Interactive teaching process is conducted together with periodic projects, analysis and discussions. The Faculty of Business Management in engaged in activities like projects, round table discussions with experts, public lectures and workshops, seminars and various researches. In the process of teaching/learning we use modern computer technologies that make fundamental subjects like management, marketing, finances, accounting and audit and tourism management easier for students to comprehend. Our graduates have adequate leadership skills, creativity, that is necessary for managers and marketing specialists as well as skills of financial analysis. They are employed on top positions in the local and international companies. Students and academic personal are involved in publishing a reviewed scientific journal within the faculty. Faculty gives our students and academic personal an opportunity of getting an international experience and professional development by involving them into different exchange programs.Currently, students from 18 different countries are studying at bachelor, master and doctoral levels of the faculty. Qualified Georgian and foreign professors deliver courses and seminars for BM students. The faculty administrative staff members are always ready to assist students on any issues related to educational process.



The Faculty of Business Management offers academic programs with modern standarts. English and Georgian sectors give opportunities to local and international students to get education in desired language at three levels.

Local and international high qualified professors, as well as practitioner lecturers deliver lectures for the students. We offer following educational programs:

·         Bachelor Level Programs in Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Audit, and Tourism

·         Master Level Programs in Management, Marketing, and Finance

·         PhD Program in Business Administration

In addition to major specialty, bachelor level students have an opportunity to have a minor specialty in any of the above mentioned fields.

Duration of the bachelor program is 4 years, master program – 2 years and doctoral program – 3 years.


Academic Activities

Each year BM Faculty organizes various academic activities, such as Silk Road International Conference for scholars, Annual Students International Conference Creative Thinking for Business,  students’ competitions – IBSU Idea Lab, Business Plan Competition, Business Case Competition, simulations – Joint Business Simulation Project with Kennesaw State University, workshops – IBSU-ACCA Joint Roundtable, seminars by practitioner business people, etc. Our students also succeed in international competitions such as Peaktime – the largest business Olympiad in East Europe organized by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Finance Challenge - international competition organized by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, etc.

BM faculty publishes a scientific journal Business Journal twice a year.


International Projects

BM Faculty is involved in four international projects - TEMPUS-Developing Student Career Services in Georgia (CASEDE), TEMPUS- Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education (LaMANCHE); EU-supported projects:  University collaboration network at the Black Sea Region (Univer-Sea.Net), and Visegrad University Grant Project for Course Development. In the frame of the mentioned projects, new courses(Career Management, EU integration and financial market reforms in Visegrad countries) have been/are being developed, 100 up-to-date new books on career management have been granted to IBSU library, new national career web portal has been established, students have attended workshops in Romania and Turkey, online courses on different topics such as on social entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, multiculturalism; faculty members have been trained to better correspond to modern management principles, etc.


Exchange Programs and Dual Degree Program

We offer a wide variety of exchange programs in the US, Europe and Asia. Starting from 2015/2016 academic year students will have an opportunity to study abroad through Erasmus + mobility programs which means full coverage of expenses.


Graduates of BM Faculty are distinguished by excellent employability skills, which makes them attractive for employers on local and global market.  Our graduates occupy positions of leadership in the private and public sectors or pursue their education at highly ranked universities abroad. Check our Alumni page to learn more about our graduates.