Prof. Dr. Tea Kbiltsetskhlashvili

The Faculty of Business Management is the very first faculty of the International Black Sea University which functions from the day of its foundation in 1995 and represents one of the biggest and most demanded faculties not only on a local, but on international markets as well. Our graduates have all the necessary skills and appropriate knowledge which increases their chances of employability on a labor market. Our faculty aims at preparing highly qualified professionals equipped with all the necessary skills that are needed for becoming a successful specialist who have fundamental theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. At our faculty we have international students from 15 different countries. We offer our students Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs that meet high standards of modern education. Instruction languages of our educational programs are Georgian and English. We employ highly qualified local and international professors as well as practitioners. Faculty consists of five most demanded specialties on the market (5 programs): Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Tourism (Bachelor Level); Information Technology (IT) Management, Marketing and Finance (Master level) and Business Administration (Ph.D. level). In parallel with the above mentioned specialties our students get an opportunity to choose additional educational programs (Minor) offered by other faculties at the university. Our faculty continuously strives to develop our students’ creative and analytical thinking, skills of making optimal decisions and communication. Goal of our educational programs is to prepare highly competitive modern day professionals who will be able to adopt to rapid changes and solve problems that arise in the process easily. Senior year students gain practical experience in country’s leading companies. During the study process, special attention is paid to developing skills of analytical thinking and optimal decision-making. Interactive teaching process is conducted together with periodic projects, analysis and discussions. Faculty of Business Management in engaged in activities like projects, round table discussions with experts, public lectures and workshops, seminars and various researches. In the process of teaching/learning we use modern computer technologies that make fundamental subjects like management, marketing, finances, accounting and audit and tourism management easier for students to comprehend. Our graduates have adequate leadership skills, creativity, that is necessary for managers and marketing specialists as well as skills of financial analysis. They are employed on top positions in the local and international companies. Students and academic personal are involved in publishing a scientific journal within the faculty. Faculty gives our students and academic personal an opportunity of getting an international experience and professional development by involving them into different exchange programs. 

Join us and become successful future specialists of your fields!

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