Being part of the Georgian Higher Education System and Business environment, IBSU Faculty of Business Management has committed itself to the following mission:

  • Preparing effective, successful and socially responsible leaders through fostering entrepreneurial mind, dedication to lifelong learning and dialogue with the multicultural world
  • Producing innovative, internationally remarkable research activities and enriching research and teaching through intense integration of theory and practice;
  • Preparing students for careers in business and academia, providing them with the appropriate knowledge, sharp employability skills and global human values;
  • Being a committed member of a distinguished network of local and international academic institutions.



IBSU Faculty of Business Management aims to be recognized for quality as a center for innovation and excellence in teaching and research and a supporter of global human values and multicultural dialogue.


  •  Teaching and Learning

·         Faculty use the effective teaching methods  to address the varied learning styles of students.

·         Lectures, Seminars, Practices, Assignments, Projects, and other teaching/learning activities reinforce the development of creative and critical-thinking skills, effective communication skills, modern technological proficiency, ethical awareness, and life-long learning

  • Success and Excellence 

·         Faculty and staff members demonstrate excellence through their teaching and learning and supporting

·         Students demonstrate high levels of achievement on learning outcomes through course performance

  • Accountability

·         Faculty and staff members  exercise responsible stewardship of the curriculum, maintaining its relevance to current and upcoming business practices

·         Faculty use effective instructional methods to enhance student learning

·         Faculty assess student achievement of defined learning outcomes and implement changes to the curriculum and teaching methods to improve student learning

  • Collaboration and Collegiality

·         Faculty, staff, and students build an atmosphere of mutual respect

·         Faculty and staff and students  share ideas, support others’ efforts, and interact with others professionally.

  • Social and Corporate Responsibility

·         Curriculum design and course assignments address the most important issues facing society and businesses, such as cultural diversity, environmental sustainability, human rights, sustainable development, and other global issues

·         The Faculty provides resources to hire and/or develop faculty members prepared to conduct research and provide teaching related to contemporary issues of the  social and business development

  • Ethics

·         Students, faculty and staff interact in an ethical and professional manner.