Lasha Kavtaradze holds economist position at Galt & Taggart since January 2017. Prior to joining Galt & Taggart, he served as Head of Macroeconomic Analysis and Tax Policy Unit at the Parliamentary Budget Office of Georgia in 2015-2016. Previously, he worked as a chief economist at Fiscal Forecasting Department in Ministry of Finance of Georgia in 2008-2014.
Lasha holds Ph.D in Public Economics and has an Assistant Professor position at the International Black Sea University. In addition, he is an invited professor at Ilia State University and University of Georgia. 
Lasha has obtained his Ph.D. degree at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. He has attended IMF’s training courses in macroeconomics, applied economics, public finance, macro-fiscal modeling and forecasting, etc. in Austria and USA. He has been invited as a macro researcher at the Policy Research Institute of Ministry of Finance of Japan.