In 1999-2000 Teona Maisuradze studied at Monticello High School, Arkansas, USA, under the scholarship program of FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program). In 2000 – 2004 she studied at International Black Sea University and received a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations, she continued her studies at master level and in 2006 received master’s degree in International Economics. Along with this in 2001-2006 she studied at Tbilisi State University and received a master degree in Private Law. From 2008 Teona Maisuradze enrolled in doctoral studies the Faculty of Business Management at International Black Sea University, in 2014 she obtained her PhD in Business Administration. 
During the Doctoral study she served as a quality assurance officer at International Black Sea University in the period of authorization and accreditation of the university during 2004-2005; Headed the Department of Foreign Languages at Georgian-American High School during an authorization and accreditation process of schools and currently is the Head of Quality Assurance at Georgian-American High School during 2009-2014 and an invited lecturer at International Black Sea University since 2009. She has published articles on the topic of Change Management; Company Culture and Human Resources Management. 
In 2015 she was appointed as an adviser to the dean on program development and later as a programs coordinator of Management and Marketing at bachelor and master level. During this period, she has established a social project of “Basics of Business”, trained 35 students as trainers and organized trainings for more than one thousand school students. Under the faculty she has also conducted several researches for the companies, delivered recommendations for their development. Ms. Maisuradze has administered internship programs of two generations of seniors at the faculty, coordinated with companies and assisted in employment of more than fifty percent of the senior students. 
Currently she is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at International Black Sea University and invited lecturer teaching the courses of Business English, Principles of Management and Human Resources Management.