Graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Geography and Geology, Postgraduate Study of the Georgian Academy of Sciences with, Doctoral degree of the Russian Academy of Sciences with Earth Sciences / Environmental Profile.

Research Interests: Resource potential for sustainable development of tourism in Georgia; Prospects for intensification of ecological and agricultural tourism; Environmental and social aspects of management of tourism; Geographical, hydrological, hydroecological, complex (systemic) ecological, water economy balances problems.
Subjects: Basics of Tourism; Introduction for Tourism; World Tourism-Recreational Resources; Tourism-Recreational Resources of Georgia; International Tourism; Geography of Tourism; Ecotourism; Cultural Tourism; Agricultural Tourism; Natural Ecology and Environmental Protection; Applied Ecology;  Legal basis for Environmental Protection; World Geography; World economic, social, political Geography; Regional Geography; Physical, economic, social geography of Georgia.