In 2005, Mr.Koiava was graduated from Georgian Technical University, Humanitarian-Technical Faculty, with a major in Public Administration.

In 2007 – Master’s program at Humanitarian-Technical Faculty of the same University, with a major in Public Policy of The Foreign Relations. In 2014, he took a PHD program in Georgian Technical University, Business Engineering Faculty, with a major in Business And Management.

Training Courses: 
1. The Philosophy Of Practical Leadership - 2005-2006 
2. NLP Couching For Success and Relaxation, Training Of Facilitators - 2013  
3. The Psychology Of Money - 2013 
4. Law of attraction in Life - 2013 
5. TOT (Training Of Trainers) – 2013 
6. NLP Couching – 2015 
He works at Georgian Technical University as an Assistant Professor, since 2009 and as a Guest Professor at the International Black Sea University, since 2012.  Zaza Koaiava leads the following courses: Organizational Psychology, Basics of Management and Human Resources Management. Apart from this, he is a Business Trainer at PR Academy LTD (4 years of experience) and a lecturer of Management and Human Resources Management at Warsaw Management University, since 2014. Besides, he is a business consultant and an expert in Human Resources Management.