For the first time, this year, 4 senior year students of tourism bachelor's program will go to the Familien Wellness Hotel Seeklause, near the city of Schwimmer, in Golhen, Germany, in the framework of 10 credit obligations, where they will undergo internship for three months in various hotels. For this purpose, on April 10, 2019, the International Black Sea University and Business Management Faculty hosted representatives of two partner hotels of the Hospitality Institute. The partnership with the "Institute of Tourism and Hospitality" and "International Black Sea University" aims to send students on 3-month internships and their employment in Germany. 
Students will be able to:

  1.  Get a paid labor practice in Germany;
  2.  Take part in the paid Summer Program;
  3.  Get professional education in Germany;

The advantage of cooperation between the Business Management Faculty and Tourism Bachelor Program is:

  • Finding a partner educational institution (cooperation agreement);
  •  Active cooperation with tourism faculty representative;
  •  Deepening cooperation with German hotels and restaurants;
  •  Provide continuous project;
  •  Paid manufacturing practices include internships for tourism bachelor's program students:
  •  Purpose of practice:
  •  Using theoretical knowledge in practice
  •  Getting to a working environment
  •  Introducing new culture
  •  Development of professional skills
  •  Establishing contact with local population
  •  Learning German

What will students get after practice?

  •  Students, future managers in the field of tourism, will be able to observe the practice in the process
  •  Actions taken as managers
  •  The case delegation process

Learn (on their own example):

  •  Lower level activity
  •  German Punctuality
  •  Work in stress and foreign environment

What will they get?

  •  German experience in working
  •  Certificate / Practice Assessment - Competitive Advantage on Georgian Labor Market