Students from partner universities are welcome to spend a semester at IBSU (through Erasmus+ or bilateral agreements).

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Spring semester:  May 30

Fall Semester: November 20


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Kristina Lazaridi

Internaitonal Relations Office

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Shary Carlomagno - Insubria University, Varese, Italy
"Hi, everyone, my name is Shary. I am attending the second year of Master in Global Entrepreneurship Economics and Management, at Insubria University, in Italy.
The decision to take part in the Erasmus program, was very impulsive and strongly desired at the same time. I always wanted to travel and know the world, different cultures and make new experiences.
My university proposed a special project with the international Black Sea University in Tbilisi and I immediately thought: This is my chance !!
The idea of meeting people from another country , sharing moments of daily life and the possibility to study at a prestigious university such as the International Black Sea are some of the reasons that led me to embark on this adventure.
I needed to express what I am, or at least I believe to be: a person with a great desire to enrich and grow every day thanks to the experiences that life offers.
There is one sentence that every Erasmus student knows: 'Once Erasmus, Erasmus always!'. There is nothing more true.
This experience changes your life, makes you a better person and gives you the opportunity to know yourself and not only. Cut down every barrier, erase prejudices and make you look the world with different eyes. I believe that all I have just said exactly expresses what I feel now, and how much this experience has improved positively my life."



Sthefany Elizabeth Tomassone - Insubria University, Varese, Italy

"Ciao a tutti! 
My name is Sthefany and I am an Italian exchange student here at IBSU.
From the very beginning of my life, being in a multicultural environment has always been my thing. As a matter of fact I was born in Venezuela from an Italo-Spanish family. I was raised with the passion for travelling and I would never imagine how this could match so good with my studies.
I have awarded my bachelor degree in Economics and Management in Uninsubria University in Varese. During this period I had the luck to win an Erasmus scholarship for the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, in Spain. There I was finally able to take off boundaries and to challenge my limits, thus I am firmly convinced that these 9 months spent there had a major importance for my personal achievements in the future.
In September I have decided to go on with my studies enrolling in International Business and Entrepreneurship Master Course in Varese. While I was selected to participate to an International Project involving universities of Liverpool, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, I was given the chance to spend five months in Tbilisi studying at IBSU, at the Business Management Faculty.
Without hesitating I decided to grab the opportunity with both hands and one month later I was arriving in Tbilisi. I am the first student from my university in implementing this program and I feel proud about it. In fact I really believe that this experience will have a more than positive impact in my future carrier. The first impression was impacting and everything was so different from what I was used to. Overcome the first difficulties, I realized how lucky I was to have this chance. Georgia is an incredible developing country trying to find a balance between modernization and innovation and an ancient culture well rooted in its tradition.

Furthermore, it’s recently openness to Europe is something we can all capitalize on as students and Universities are the most important centre of exchange of different ideas and cultures. I really hope that collaboration between Italian and Georgian universities will go further, but I am sure it will."


Aneta Blajer - Cracow University of Economics, Poland

"My name’s Aneta and in summer 2014 I decided to take a chance that my university in Poland gave me, and go to Georgia! It was supposed to be one semester exchange programme but I felt in love in this country and simply couldn’t leave. I stayed there almost a year and it was one of the most valuable experiences in my life!

IBSU made my staying in Georgia unforgettable. IBSU is multicultural university but I was the first Polish student there and it made me feel very special. I’ve never seen such an individual approach to students and I think it’s a great teaching method"