Alumni Homecoming Project is a new project initiated by the Faculty of Business Management.

Frame of the project:

  • BM alumni visit IBSU and deliver a public lecture, a seminar or work on practical business cases with BM students.
  • Regular meetings helps to encourage our alumni to be involved in IBSU’s life, to know more about current students and be recognized among students.
  • Meetings are weekly
  • The topics are suggested by the speakers and approved by the faculty.


  • Fulfill mission and vision of IBSU through preparing graduates with global human values and increasing dedication to lifelong learning. Hoping our students contribute to the formation and maintenance of the democratic civil society
  • Involve alumni in the university’s life by establishing a platform for sharing experience, discussing practical business cases and providing career advice and insight
  • Enrich curricula by the practical component introduced by the alumni
  • Help alumni contribute into the process of bringing up new generations
  • Promote career success of alumni and motivate them to develop their lecturing and public speaking skills
  • Establishes ties between current students and graduates
  • Build contact networks and create job opportunities for students 


  • The alumni will serve as role models for existing students
  • They will give practical insight into the real business situation
  • They will reassure the correct path of education that IBSU students have already taken.
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