Are you 10th, 11th or 12th grader?

Are you interested in business?

Are you willing to know what each direction of business is about?

Are you willing to learn which business direction fits you the most?

Are you interested in what is needed to start business and what can hinder you from success in business?

Are you willing to test yourself in different business activities and learn whether you are fit for business career?

Join us

And make your first steps in business!


Why should you attend “Basics of Business” trainings?

  • You will learn more about business and its directions
  • You will discover new skills in you
  • You will learn how to differ your company from competitors
  • You will learn what is necessary to start a business and what factors you need to consider to succeed
  • You will learn how to calculate profit-loss and make important decisions
  • You will learn about correct communication and the mistakes you shouldn’t make while business negotiations
  • You will test yourself in different activities
  • You will meet new people and make new friends


Program Serves for:

1. Developing Business Thinking

  • Establishing oneself in business environment  (Identify and learn basics of business and main directions of business; learn main competences and skills needed for business)
  • Learn challenges and opportunities in business reality  (Identify possible visible and invisible barriers to business, evaluate them and define business opportunities)

2. Perception of Business Processes and Management

  • Define necessary resources for business activity (Define the demand for any product, resources necessary for production, ways of gaining resources and their proper use)
  • Manage business activity (Determine risk and barrier avoidance with maximum possible profit and minimum possible expenses)




BoB Team

Teona Maisuradze 

Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Project Advisor


Tamar Gvilava

Marketing Program

Project Coordinator



Julia Tsertsvadze

Management Program

Trainer Recruiting and Project Promotion



Giorgi Jikia

Accounting and Audit Program

Resource Planning, Strategic Planning and Development


What makes BoB unique is almost no age difference between the trainers and the trainees. We believe this helps school students get more actively involved in the process, open up and overcome the fear of self-expression and public speaking. When trainees express own ideas we all find out that these ideas turn out to be original, brilliant and wise.




Teona Kobakhidze

Accounting and Audit Program

Gvantsa Berikashvili

Management Program


Being a trainer takes courage and responsibility.

  • Courage to step out from a group yet being just a first year student at university.
  • Courage to continuously prove that you are knowledgeable enough, comfortable in what you know and possess the skills needed to interact, teach and guide others.
  • Responsibility to represent your university and the whole team to the most critical audience of the age of rebellion, innovation and transformation.
  • Responsibility to a partner trainer to deliver highest quality training, manage the group and develop yourself.

Mariam Gogilava

Finance Program


Salome Tsiklauri
Finance Program

Arman Manukiani

Marketing Program

Ilona Janjghava

Management Program


Mariam Adamashvili

Management Program














The Project continues selecting students for six-month preperational period, after which they will become certified professional trainers themselves.

Selection process is transparent and includes: applications, informational meetings, interviews and other assignments for two months.