Bachelor in Business Administration

Our curriculums have a reputation for teaching excellence. Students benefit from the support of leading academics who guide them through critical thinking and practice in contemporary business world. As a result, graduates become independent professionals, equipped with a suite of high-level skills, where the experience and confidence come together and flourish.

The Program

The program is designed to provide students with thorough understanding of organizations, business and their functions. With various practical elements included in the teaching process the program builds a platform for critical judgment in decision-making and exploration of the environment a business operates in. The graduate of the program will be able to create, assist and administer a business in order for it to function properly and receive a reasonable profit by serving the community it operates in. Teaching is offered in both Georgian and English languages.

Cooperation with Industry

To bring students closer to the practice and help them to plan their career, Business Management Faculty cooperates with broad range of government and private organizations, including National Bank of Georgia, Accounting and Business Associations, both Public and Private Sector of Business.  

Teaching and learning process at our program is designed to provide students with the skills required by the labor market. We help our students become competitive by enhancing their theoretical as well as practical knowledge, therefore raising their employability. 

Our Graduates

Our program graduates have a superior opportunity to be preferred and employed by a numerous top-range organizations on local as well as on global level. At the beginning stage their positions are thought to be seen as functional and middle-level managers, participation in decision-making processes alongside with top-level managers.



Bachelor Program of Business Administration consists of five directions: Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Audit and Tourism. The program is designed for maximum flexibility, all students follow the same program structure at the first two years of the study.  Students enroll in common courses that are designed by considering all directions and give a basis for specific field courses from the direction options provided.

Student also have an opportunity to choose a minor, which can be chosen from any other faculty, direction or choose to have free electives or electives of the direction chosen to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.